Chiyoda Kokusai is a law firm specializing in a broad range of professional fields of law with a strong presence in South East Asia and Far East Asia.
We recently established cooperative relationships with Chinese Law Firms in 13 of China's largest cities.

Patent and Trademark
Chiyoda Kokusai is practicing patent and trademark applications to Japanese and other countries' patent offices. Copyright and design protection work is also a part of the firm's practice.
Chiyoda Kokusai is doing business and immigration visa applications to US, Japan and to other countries. Chiyoda Kokusai is the co-author of "Handbook for US Visa" published by Japan Times, a leading English language newspaper company in Japan. Also, Chiyoda Kokusai has formed a close relationship with Mark Ivener, Esq.'s firm (One of the top US Immigration law firms in Los Angeles).