Welcome to the Law Offices of Chiyoda Kokusai. We are a law firm consisting of professionals practicing a broad range of law, including patent and trademark, and tax law. Our services include a whole range of national and international business activities. With our stong ties in Southeast Asia and the Far East, we are well positioned to help American and European companies to conduct business all over Asia.

CHIYODA KOKUSAI is a law firm consisting of the professionals in broad fields of law, patent, trademark, and visa. The services cover the whole range of national and international business activities.

CHIYODA KOKUSAI has a long and strong network in South East and Far East Asia including Vietnam and Myanmar to assist Japanese companies doing business in those parts of Asia.

CHIYODA KOKUSAI established cooperative relationship with Chinese law firms of 13 largest cities of China including Beijin, Shanghai, Tianjin, Xiamen, Guangzhon, Heilongjiang, Shenyang, Qingdao, Xian to provide legal services mainly for Japanese companies doing business in China.

CHIYODA KOKUSAI has also office in New York and partners’ offices in Los Angeles and Berlin.

Japanese Visa

We specialize visa application for a foreigner for her or his longer stay in Japan, employment in Japan, for study in Japan, for investment into Japan or for other purposes. We are able to communicate with you in English, Chinese and other languages. Our office is located in Otemachi area, the most prestigious financial district of the center of Tokyo and our building is, one of the landmark buildings in that area, Urbannet Otemachi Building having 5 subway stops underneath directly connected to the exit of Urbannet Otemachi Building. Our building is also 5 minutes’ walk from Tokyo Railway Station.

Trademark application

We are also doing domestic and international trademark applications on behalf of our clients. Our Japanese clients consist of mostly old and traditional companies in Kyoto City, Japan. And also we represent foreign clients for their filing the trademark application with Japanese Patent Office.