Seminars and Lectures

A list of Kanji Ishizumi's most recent seminars and lectures.

  • September 9, 2001 Gloria International Government Policy Information Top Seminar - Japan as a Loser ... A Wake Up Call to Japanese Industry
  • Chiyoda Kokusai M&A Seminar (Rent Developers in U.S. Takeovers)
  • Keizaikai Seminar on "To Survive in slowly-growing era by M&A"
  • Mitsubishi Bank Headquarter Seminar (Corporate Takeovers - its offense and defense)
  • Contemporary Management Institute Seminar (Management Strategy and Tactics for Takeovers)
  • Chiyoda Kokusai M&A Seminar (U.S. Poison Pills - a defense in M&A)
  • Commercial Law Institute Seminar (Defense Tactics in Corporate Takeovers)
  • Japan Management Association Seminar (International Transportation Business and Foreign Association)
  • Daiichi Kangyo Bank Management Center (Investing in U.S. / its legal and tax aspect)
  • International Business Arbitration (U.S. dumping regulation)
  • Yokohama Venture Business Club (Internationalization of Small Medium Size Venture Business)
  • Japan Trade Center (U.S. regulations on International Trade)
  • Venture Enterprise Center (Investing in U.S.A)
  • International Business Law Center (Foreign Distributorship Agreement)
    Hi-Tech Enterprise Conference of Kanagawa Prefecture (International Fund Raising)
  • Sogo Kyoiku Kikaku Corporation (Software Liscense Agreement)
  • Nippon Credit Bank (U.S. Real Estate Investment)
  • Venture Business Promotion Center (Establishment of Venture Business in U.S.A)
  • International Law Institute (English Software License Agreement)
  • Japan Management Association (Foriegn Distributorship Association)
  • Sogo Kyoiku Kikaku Corpporation (Technology License Agreement With Korean Enterprise)
  • International Business Law Institute (Going Abroad / its Legal Analysis)
  • International Business Law Institute (Acquiring U.S. Enterprise / Going Private Technique)
  • Japan Management Association (International Contract Drafting Technique)
  • Sogo Kyoiku Kikaku (U.S. and Japan Semiconductor Mask Acts)
  • Japan Analysis Device Machine Association (A Study of Foreign Business Contract and Patent)
  • Japan Management Association Seminar (International Technology Lecense Agreement)
  • Sogo Kyoiku Kikaku Seminar (Product Liability and OEM Agreement)
  • Japan Mangement Association Seminar (International Joint Venture Agreement)
  • Okasan Securities (M&A)
  • Keizaikai M&A Seminar (Defense Corporation Laws)
  • International Corporate Counsels Association Seminar (Koito Vs. Pickens)
  • Chiyoda Kokusai Seminar (Trade Secret)
  • International Faculty for Capital Market Law and Securities Regulation (Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Japan Productivity Center (Product Liability Seminar)
  • AIU Co., Ltd. (Directors & Officers Seminar)
  • Nihon Keizai Shinbun Inc. (Business Symposium - International Trading Laws) Sogo Kyoiku Kikaku Corporation (Negotiation for International Contract)
  • Chiyoda Kokusai Seminar (U.S. Visa)
  • Toyo Keizai Inc. (Kigyo-Kiritsu Seminar)
  • Nihon Keizai Shinbun Inc. (U.S. Visa Seminar)
  • Sogo Kyoiku Kikaku Corporation (Software License Agreement)