Publications and References

A list of Kanji Ishizumi's numerous publications.

  • Guidebook for International Business Contracts (HBJ Publishing Co.)
  • Acquiring Japanese Companies (Japan Times Co.)
  • International Transactions (Roppo Publishing Co.)
  • Handbook for International Mergers & Acquisition (Toyo Keizai Publishing Co.)
  • Handbook for Real Estate Investment in U.S. (Daiichi Hoki Publishing Co.)
  • Trade Secret (Daiichi Hoki Publishing Co.)
  • Takeover Defense Tactics (Daiichi Hoki Publishing Co.)
  • International Taxation (Daiichi Hoki Publishing Co.)
  • Product Liability (Daiichi Hoki Publishing Co.)
  • Management of Intelligence (Ascii Publishing Co.)
  • Winning Logics of American Lawyers (Ascii Publishing Co.)
  • Dictionary of M&A Words (President Publishing Co.)
  • Minebea vs. Trafalgar case, an attempt for takeover (Asian Wallstreet Journal)
  • Foreign Takeover in Japan (Japan Industry Newspaper)
  • A Lawyer who practices corporate takeovers (Asahi Newspaper)
  • A Planner for Corporate Takeover Era (Zaikai)
  • Anti-Monopoly Registration of Japan Fair Trade Commission, International Network: Japanese Going Abroad (Sunday Mainichi Journal)
  • U.S. Merger and Acquisition, its strategy (Keizaikai Journal)
  • Office Automation of Law Offices Liberty and Justice, Merger and Acquisition
  • U.S. Technique Targeting Japanese Companies (Diamond Executive Journal)
  • OEM Agreement / its Drafting Technique (JCA Journal)
  • International Investment and Venture Capital (Nikkei Venture)
  • Recent International Agreement and Dispute Settlement (JCA Journal)
  • Technique of Cash Merger in the United States (International Business Law Journal)
  • Going Private Technique in the United States (International Business Journal)
  • Acquiring Foreign Companies and its Technique (Overseas Business Research Journal)
  • Some Advices for Japanese Companies Going Abroad (International Industrial News)
  • Difference of the Legal System Between U.S. and Japan (Japan Industrial Newspaper)
  • Difference of the Negotiation Technique between U.S. and Japan (Japan Industrial Newspaper)
  • Extra-Territorial Application of the U.S. Jurisdiction (International Law Journal)
  • Tender Offer and Disclosure (International Law Journal)
  • Insider Trading in the United States (International Law Journal)
  • Insider Trading: Its Regulation and Section 16 (Fordum University Law Review)
  • Anti-Pollution Act (Daiichi Hoki Book Publisher)
  • Ocean Development Technology Handbook (Asakura Book Publisher)
  • A Complete Guide To Getting An American Visa (Japan Times Co.)
  • A Complete Guide for Merger (Shinnihon Hoki Book Publisher)

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